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3 Benefits of Using QR Codes in Your Business

Quick response codes are of Japanese origin, and are currently used all across the globe by large organizations looking to improve their own marketing. Initially, they were used for tracking Japanese car parts throughout the manufacturing process, but are today used in a whole variety of applications, which this article will touch upon momentarily. Independent internet marketers and marketing firms alike can benefit from QR codes’ ability to gain email subscribers, Facebook fans, and new customers. They are generally implemented via mobile devices like your smart phone. […]

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5 Powerful Ways to use QR codes

In today’s fast-paced world of advertising bombardment and customers feeling “sold to” at every turn, smart marketers are looking for powerful alternatives with which to capture the attention of consumers at a higher level. One way of doing this is by engaging your prospects in action. In other words, getting them to actually participate in your marketing with you. How do we do this? Enter: QR Codes! For anyone who is unfamiliar with this media platform, it is actually really simple and quite ingenious. These codes are […]

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